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Regulamentados pela OISC
Regulamentados pela OISC

Notary Services

Powers of Attorney

We Offer Notary and Consular powers of attorney for weddings and divorces.


We execute proxy marriages in the case of newlyweds who are unable to attend the qualification or celebration of the wedding in Brazil. The law allows representation by a proxy, if neither bride nor groom can attend, two powers of attorney will be required with separate proxies.


Perform divorce by proxy in Brazil.
The separation or divorce procedure has many particularities and requirements that our team has been specially trained to deal with. We also offer the service of registering and officiating in Brazil and in the UK.

Search for Certificates

We solicit simple and full content certificates of: birth, marriage/marriage with divorce registration, death, separation or rectifications.


This refers to the authentication of documents made by the signatory countries of the Hague Convention and placed in the public document to assert their legality and origin. Our team is ready to aid you in presenting documents that are issued in the UK in another country.


Sworn translation

We will faithfully translate Brazilian and foreign documents in order to ensure their validity in other countries. Our partnership allows us to translate documents of and into any language.

Document Localisation

We offer a document search service in Brazil Italy, Poland and Portugal.

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